Monday, January 23, 2012

Scouting Camp Sites

Spent some time this morning with Solomon and Spencer scouting campsites in Chapel Hill--looking for places that people without homes might sleep for the night. We checked out some abandoned houses not far from downtown, with lots of evidence of human activity. We saw sleeping bags and clothes, long abandoned, along Bolin Creek. And we found two sites with tents. Talked with one man. We'll go back tomorrow morning with our volunteer team, bringing coffee, gift cards, and asking folks we find to complete a survey designed to identify the people most at risk of death. And we'll give people a chance to tell their stories. I hope you will listen.

At one of the sites, there were clothes hanging to dry, and personal touches--decorations hanging from tree branches--and a dog leash clipped to a tree, but no sign of a dog.

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